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April 26, 2016

Posted in 2016 Minutes

Mayor William Herrington called the special called meeting of the Lawrenceville Town Council to order at 6:00 p.m. on April 25, 2016. The purpose of the called meeting was to discuss the possibility of a partnership with the County of Brunswick to save the DMV Select. 

Roll was called; Present: Mayor William Herrington; Council Members: Joyce Bland, H. B. Brockwell, Jr., Dora Hardy and Scott Martin. Also present: Town Manager, C. J. Dean, Town Clerk, Wanda Johnson and the press.

Absent: Council Members Martha Myers, Robert F. Pecht, III, and Alice B. Talbert. 

Mayor Herrington reported that the Commissioner of Revenue advised the Board of Supervisors that it is her intent to close the DMV Select that is located in and/or provides services to the residents of Brunswick County effective June 30, 2016.

Mayor Herrington and Mr. Dean met with County representatives regarding the DMV Select. The Board of Supervisors advises that this circumstance comes as a total surprise to them and that it is their intent to retain the services offered by DMV Select and keep it open in Brunswick County.

In accordance with that objective, the Board of Supervisors has approached the Town with the following proposal:

That the County and the Town enter into a joint venture agreement to fund the DMV Select office in Brunswick County.

The following information is currently known regarding the proposed agreement:

1. The site of the DMV Select will be the first floor of the Old Bank/School Board building on Main Street owned by the County.
2. The estimated annual cost for the DMV Select office is $60,000 which includes the salary for two employees, benefits, annual operation expenses and set up cost of the office.
3. The proposal calls for the following income streams to fund the project:
a. $20,000 return from the state for the DMV Select services
b. $20,000 investment from the County
c. $20,000 investment from the Town
4. The employees for DMV Select will be County employees and therefore subject to the supervision and control of the County.
5. Funding will continue into perpetuity.

DMV representatives were in town yesterday to review the building setup and indicated it would meet DMV specifications.

The revenue from DMV services would go to operating expenses. The town would not receive any revenue from the DMV Select.

It is currently proposed that this will be an annual investment. 

The Board of Supervisors would like a response as soon as possible to avoid a lapse in services.

There was much discussion concerning the proposal. It was the consensus of council that it would like for the DMV Select to continue operating in town. There was discussion as to where the town could find $20,000 in the budget for the town’s investment. There is great concern that the proposed budget is very tight this year. 

It was suggested that the finance committee meet and review the proposal and the budget.

On motion by Mr. Brockwell, seconded by Ms. Hardy and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to table a decision regarding the Board of Supervisors proposal for a joint venture agreement to fund the DMV Select office until the next regular scheduled council meeting.

There being no further business to come before Council, a motion was made by Mr. Martin, seconded by Ms. Hardy and unanimously carried to adjourn the called meeting.
William Herrington, Mayor
Wanda Johnson, Clerk


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